The Death House Competiton

Good morning, good afternoon, good night! Whatever time you’re reading this at. Another sporadic post, because I felt like it. I won a competition on Movellas, after two years on the site. I don’t blame the people on the site. I often don’t express my creativity as well as I intend to. I’m a little mechanical, a little methodical, and that’s sometimes not a great thing for someone writing fiction.

But anyway, I’m a runner up in the competition for a story I wrote about beauty, I guess. That is how I would describe it. I know that that’s a sucky description, but I’ll have a better one later. Well, anyway I’m getting a free book, which rocks. My sister’s going to get it of course, because she’s quite possibly the most awesome younger sister in the world. We’re both crazy, cynical young people just waiting to turn into the smart-ass adults that kids can never talk back to. Or maybe we’ll just avoid kids like the plague, I don’t know.

Well, it’s late and I have to go to sleep. This post is short, not very sweet, and devoid of any substance whatsoever. Like a hollow cracker. But it’s what I’ve got. I’ll post something more interesting the next time, which might be tomorrow, the day after, or three months from now. If you’re anyone that actually looks at this blog, you know it’s most likely the last option.

Bye bye,



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