Movellas Fantasy Week

Movellas Fantasy Week


Okay, so I never actually use this blog and I suck at consistency on this thing, but what the hey! I’ll take another jab at it. This week Movellas is having a genre takeover, the first ever of it’s kind and it’s doing Fantasy. Yes, I know, my favorite genre as a child and my favorite genre at present. Whether it be the overly-detailed elegance of Tolkienn or the pure delightful charm of JK Rowling, you know fantasy will never let you down. Why resort to fan-fiction and all sorts of graphic imagery when you can use your mind’s eye to picture a dragon’s wings or a baby phoenix’s first moult?

Perhaps that was a bit pretentious, but fantasy is a beautiful genre with so many diverse faces to it that there will literally be something for everyone. For those who like mythology, there is stuff related to Camelot, Atlantis, and we can’t forget the most popular mythology-fiction book series right now, Percy Jackson.

For those that love plot twists and elaborate intricacies where you see how a thousand lives are woven together and everything follows the Butterfly Effect in a way, read the Game of Thrones. It’s fantasy for adults, for true lovers of complex literature who like flexing their intellectual muscles a little bit.

I can give you a thousand suggestions, but you could find those out from a thousand other people. I want to just explain why I love fantasy so much. There is so much to fantasy, so many ways that you can write it. I mean, you can transport readers to another world or you can bring fantastical creatures into the main character’s backyard. And I think it’s amazing, because the authors take these impossible creatures like dragons and druids and give them a human essence. There is a human part to every magical thing, and I think that in good fantasy that is what is supposed to happen. Whether it’s the sorting hat in Harry Potter or Saphira in Eragon, you feel things for these things that are nothing more than blots of ink on pieces of paper bound together, things that could never exist.

There’s such a beauty in the imagination of it as well, it’s the whimsy I think that attracts me most. It’s the adult way of going back to fairytales and fables, the mature method of getting the bedtime stories we all loved as kids. They say you can escape into a book, and when you just want to leave behind this twisted world of selfish people and technical details that just plain suck, there is no refuge that works as well as an imaginary world.

It’s nice sometimes to see characters that lack all aspects of the human nature, to see harmless madness (the Mad Hatter) and derive amusement from it, to see a person with true honor (Ned Stark), to see the extremes of human nature, even if it’s not always good (Golem).

Fantasy is beautiful in its isolation from the real world. You can escape to this world where the good and bad and so clearly separated. The real world’s filled with grey areas and different perspectives and conflicts of interest. Fantasy, at least the old fantasy, wasn’t like that. There were only good people and bad people, and even today that’s the distinction I make. There are only good people and bad people. There might be a little of the other side in each of them, but I make that distinction because books taught me there can’t be grey areas in life.

I know this post probably rambled and made no sense and probably sucks, but it’s eleven o’clock at night and I’m typing because I’m bored, so there.


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