Exams Coming Up

It’s like time flies when you’re afraid. I rarely blog because I mostly read. Preparing for exams is a nightmare. But by the second week of June this year I am a free bird. No more studying for two months, and I will go into zen mode. A new laptop, yoga and tennis classes. Hopefully I’ll pick up photography and music again. It’s a shame really. Although I have a camera, it’s one of those sliver thin ultra-light ones. I’m hoping for a DSLR for my birthday, or maybe the Sony NEX-5.

I think it’s literally torture that I’m surrounded by so many beautiful things, yet lack the proper equipment to capture them. And pictures are great for ideas for stories.

But no pictures or anything for me, I’ve got to hit the books again. Like my life depends on it. Because it does depend on it. 


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