To Each Their Own

How many people actually read blogs like this one? I know I don’t. I read the paper, old novels that people have forgotten, advertisements, instructions on medications, etc. I read everything out there except for blogs. So, I guess this blog will just lie around in cyberspace like the lint at the corners of your office cubicle, without function and without notice.

On a happier note, figment and inkpop are uniting. Yay! Not. I don’t understand the function of these two sites uniting. Although Figment isn’t so much about promoting books (HarperCollins), but I liked the inkpop arrangement and interface much better. Inkpop had a kind of organization that I really enjoyed. The ranking system was awesome. There was quality control on the site, which I really doubt about the new one.

Next, onto my work. I’m working on a story. Not posting it anywhere, not leaking details. Occasionally I’ll pick up a pencil and jot down a few paragraphs, and then throw the book to the side. Yes, I’ve actually gone Neanderthal and abandoned my laptop for my writing. Just pencil and paper. Roald Dahl did it this way and look where he is. I’ve decided I don’t need other people’s constant approval over my work. If it’s good, it’ll sell itself. If it’s not, I know I’m not headed in the right direction, and I start over.

Don’t even know why I’m writing this blog entry today. It’s purposeless. It’s fluff. It’s just me practicing my typing.


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