The Sad Demise of Ms Snark

Miss Snark left her website nearly four years ago, and I arrived two years late, missing out on her wonderfully straightforward advice and use of the word “nitwit”, which she definitely would have used to describe me. So many questions, but no solid source.

For those of you who do not know who Ms. Snark is, she was an inspiration to us all. Along with her faithful canine friend Killer Yapp, and the wonderful experience of being a literary agent, she made it clear to the would be novelists the complexities of the industry, the proper way to write query letters, and proper etiquette for writers.

I still go to her page now and then, because the information is invaluable, and I wish occasionally that I could give Killer Yapp a good sized steak. But alas, fate is cruel.

The reason that I am writing about the sensation Ms. Snark today is because I found her blog to be invaluable, entertaining, and overall, totally cool.

I hope that my miserable tone over this post has not conveyed the wrong message.

Miss Snark is not dead!!

She is simply retired, and married to the wonderful George Clooney. To understand that last sentence, you should read her blog. I don’t have any suggestions for the poor readers of this (if any in fact exist) for any sites that have attempted to make up for Miss Snark’s much-felt absence. If you have any suggestions for me, I’d be happy to take them.


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